Using coupons

After you've created your coupon codes you can add them to your website, emails, and social media posts.

Using existing coupon codes

Inbox message

  1. Go to Inbox
  2. Open the message you'd like to include a coupon code in
  3. Click the paperclip attachment icon
  4. Choose Coupon
  5. Select the coupon you'd like to send your client or create a new one
  6. Click Add link
  7. Send your message

Email campaign

  1. Go to Marketing > Email campaign
  2. Select New campaign and start your email template as normal
  3. Add in your coupon while editing the email template by clicking the scissors icon 
  4. Finish and send your email campaign normally

Social Media Posts

  1. Marketing > Social posts > New post
  2. Create your post as desired, clicking the scissors icon in Asset link to add the coupon code
  3. Post as normal


  1. Go to the Smart site > Content
  2. Go to the section you'd like to add the coupon code to 
  3. Add the coupon code to the text as desired and Save
  4. Publish to make your changes available

Website as a section

  1. Go to the Smart site > Sitemap
  2. Turn on the Coupon section
  3. Go to Content > Coupon > Manage your coupons
  4. Select an existing coupon or Create new coupon 
  5. Click Add to website
  6. Publish to make your changes available

It's important to ensure your coupon code is activated while you're promoting it.