Utilizing your Inbox

The Inbox in your 12handz platform is where all types of messages are stored - form submissions, bookings, estimates requests, etc. You can reply directly from the Inbox - via email or SMS - and include emojis, coupons, links to services and products, send estimates and invoices, and more. 

How to use the Inbox

  1. Go to Inbox
  2. Click the Send box to change the message type - email or SMS 
  3. Click on the smiley face icon to use the emojis
  4. Click on the paperclip icon to insert Media (images from your library), Service or Product (that's included in your 12handz account), Team member, Coupon (if you're using 12handz coupons), and/or Site section (if you're using the 12handz site builder)
  5. Click on the paper icon to include Book appointment (to schedule an appointment), New sale (if you're using 12handz ecommerce module), Create invoice, and/or Create estimate


Important Note: All booking, sales, service/products, etc. features will only work if the information is already in your 12handz account.