Payments best practice

Getting the best out of 12handz payments depends on how you collect payments.

Our experts have written the best usage according to the following use cases. Here are the best practices for the most common use cases:

Estimate request

An incoming request for the price of work submitted by a client via your booking website.

To offer a service for estimations requests, create a basic service.

Use it for services ranging from landscaping, roofing, wedding hairstyling, makeup, catering, etc... Price the service before the work is scheduled and performed.


Create an estimate for services and products to let your customers know the cost of work that they want done, as well as the terms and conditions which apply and the expiration date of the proposal.

Once the estimate proposal is accepted you can do the following:

  • Schedule the work on your calendar, as an appointment, and click on Collect payment at due time.
  • Perform the work, invoice the customer, and receive payment in the following ways:
    1. Payment request for an invoice (available when your 12hands account is connected to Stripe) which will send your customer a payment link via SMS or email to be paid on their device.
    2. Add payment to the invoice (if your customer prefers, you can type in their credit card information and bill them).


Create and send a digital invoice to your customer and get paid quicker.

When your account is connected to Stripe via 12handz, your customers will be able to pay your invoice sent to them via email or SMS.

Use it to get paid for services performed, products provided, or take a deposit for services to minimize losing money in the case of no-show or late cancelation.

New sale

Create a new sale when a customer enters your store and pays for your products or services.

Products are pulled from your products catalog or can be created as “one-offs” from a new sale.

Take the payment in person using credit card, cash, or any other form of payment. At the completion of the sale, a paid invoice will be generated automatically which you can print, along with a receipt, or send to the client via email or SMS if wanted.


Appointment checkout

Once a booked service or services are performed, you can check-out the appointment, add extra products if sold, and collect your payment.

During checkout, you can state who provided each service and who sold each product. Use this to generate detailed sales reports, share earnings, and incentive your team for their sales.

At the completion of the sale, a paid invoice will be generated. You can print it, along with a receipt, or sent it to your customer via email or SMS if needed.