Utilizing 12handz Calendar features

Using one calendar for your business is a great idea, it ensures everything is in one place and you don't accidentally forget a meeting or double book yourself. 

Using the 12handz calendar is even greater; you can use have calendars for each team member, facility, block off your unavailable slots, sync to your personal calendar, and so much more all from one calendar module giving you complete oversight and insight. 

Here are our experts' best tip and tricks to ensure you get the most out of this useful module.

Initial set up

  1. Sync your calendar: You can sync your Gmail or Outlook calendar to your 12handz calendar to incorporate anything on your other calendar and ensure you don't get double booked.
  2. Add team members: If you have employees that need their own calendars for booking, you can add each of them with their own calendar.
  3. Add facilities: If you use facilities, such as tanning beds, conference rooms, or tattoo chairs, you can add each facilities calendar to the module for easy booking.

Calendar settings

  1. Set different hours for each team member: If your employees have different working hours, you can define each of their hours to ensure your customers only book when they're working.
  2. Set a buffer between appointments: If you need time in between appointments to set up or take a break, you can create a rule so that there is always a buffer period in between your appointments. 
  3. Edit booking reminders' messages: When a booking is scheduled there are automated messages to you and your customer - to confirm the appointment, remind them, etc. You can edit our standard message to be more inline with your business's tone.

Best practices

  1. Accept bookings within no more than 24 hours, the sooner the better.
  2. Block a time if you know you'll be unavailable.
  3. Set holiday hours in advance.
  4. Mark no-shows. Sometimes you'll get a no-show, a customer not making their appointment without letting you know, it's unfortunate but it happens. Marking their calendar booking as such allows you to keep track.