Getting a custom domain via 12 handz

If you don't already own a custom domain for your business, you can purchase one from a vendor like GoDaddy or and then connect it to your 12handz account or you can get one from 12handz itself.

When you subscribe to 12handz you can also get a free custom domain for your business.

How to get a free custom domain

From the Smart site

  1. Go to Settings > Domain
  2. Click Connect
  3. Choose Get new domain
  4. Follow the instructions as prompted

From the Dashboard

  1. From the Home page click Connect domain
  2. Choose Get new domain
  3. Follow the instructions as prompted

Free custom domains are only available to paid subscribers. Without a subscription you can connect your own custom domain if you purchase one.

Custom domains are subject to availability. If your chosen domain is unavailable, similar available domains will be suggested.