How does Google Ads work?

First, we get to know you and your business by asking a few simple questions. Then 12handz creates a Google Ads campaign for you, complete with a professional landing page designed to turn new leads into new customers, all of which can be customized and edited to your preferences.

Once your ads launch, the 12handz algorithm constantly optimizes your campaign to maximize your budget and attract the best potential customers.  

All you have to do is check in with your new leads and tell us which ones are most valuable to you and which keywords best reflect what your potential clients may be looking for. Training these leads and keywords trains the tool making it even more effective and efficient, a couple of minutes a day should do the job.  

To help you convert those leads into customers, we create an engaging landing page for your campaign. And then there are all our 12handz marketing tools to help drive even more customers your way. From email campaigns to social media tools and review generation features, these tools are designed to get your business in front of more users – and in turn, drive more new customers.