Deactivating 12Handz 3rd party website integration - engagement tools deactivations

On June 30th 12Handz will close. If your free trial ends before June 30th, your account will be deactivated automatically on the date your trial expires. All subscribed accounts will have full access to the platform until June 30th and then be automatically deactivated.

The 12Handz engagement tools connected to your 3rd party website will no longer work

  1. The engagement tools such as the reviews widget, contact form, booking scheduler, estimate request, and What's App will no longer work on your site.
  2. The engagement tools will no longer be visible on your site.
  3. We recommend you remove the 12Handz code that activates the engagement tools. If you decide not to remove the code, it will not impact the running of your site.

Code example:

<!-- Start of 12Handz Embed Code --> <script> window.addEventListener('load', function(){ window.camTagsConfig = window.camTagsConfig || {env: 'TWELVEHANDZ', fid: 'pd12', sGuid: '911ffe7b-355b-4715-b3df-60ac7422a8ad'}; var j=document.createElement('script');'external-script-loader'; j.async=true; j.src= ''; document.body.appendChild(j); } ); </script> <!-- End of 12Handz Embed Code -->\