Customizing my landing page

When your Google Ad campaign starts bringing you traffic, you'll want to be ready for them. Customizing your landing page with high-quality images, captivating text, and branding it to your business's specifics will engage your visitors and increase the likelihood of your traffic converting into your customers.

Here are the best practices our experts recommend:

  1. Add and/or remove the sections that are relevant
  2. Upload high-resolution images that best showcase your business
  3. Edit the text in all the sections to be specific to your business
  4. Connect the landing page to your custom domain. If you don't have one, we provide one as part of your subscription, here's how!
  5. Connect your Instagram account to your landing page to showcase your work
  6. If you have products, promote them on your homepage so your visitors will see them right away
  7. If you offer services, add them to your homepage and allow your visitors to book directly on the site
  8. Add a price quote request form to your website; this will not only engage your visitors but allow you to collect their information as well
  9. Adding testimonials can give your business a sense of establishment and trustworthiness
  10. Upload a favicon to brand all aspects of the landing page, no detail is too small