Cookie consent

The Cookie consent banner enables you to comply with CCPA (US) & Cookie consent law (EU and UK) regulations for privacy and cookies. Set your site cookie and privacy notifications according to your or your customers' location:

  • Informational banner - Informs your site visitor of cookies, and allows them to dismiss the message.
  • Opt-in banner (recommended in EU) - Asks your users permission to use all cookies or essential cookies only. The cookie settings widget in the footer will let them edit their preferences.
  • Opt-out footer widget (recommended in US) - Allow your users to customize their preferences by clicking either a link in the footer or a small tab in the bottom-left corner of the footer. This will open a dialog box that will enable users to opt-in or out.
  • According to geo (EU vs US) - The type of compliance will be set dynamically, depending on the location of your site visitor.
  • None - Your site won’t have any cookie banner or cookie management widget and will not comply with any cookie regulations, if there are any, in your region.



Changing your Cookie settings

  1. Go to Presence My site 
  2. On your 12handz site, click on the three vertical dots menu
  3. Select Settings 
  4. Scroll down and choose Cookie and privacy notification
  5. Edit as needed, changes will be automatically saved