Converting leads

Leads are difficult to convert into paying customers. Here are some of the best practices from our experts.


Emails can be a great way to keep your business top of mind and to convert your leads into customers. Learn how to create and send email campaigns from your 12handz account here!

  1. Segment your contact by creating groups and sending targeted emails to your leads. Include information, services,  products, or even coupons that are most relevant to the segments to improve conversion.
  2. Newsletters are a great way to keep your contacts informed on what's going on in your business and keeping you top of their minds! Have a new product or service, extended hours, or a new team member joining you'd like to tell them about; newsletters are the perfect way to let everyone know. Send them on a weekly, monthly, or even quarterly basis, whatever is best for your business.

Your responses

  1. Send prompt follow-up messages. If someone contacts you via a website form, social media post, or calls you, it's best to reply within 24 hours at most. A quick response not only shows you care but keeps them engaged after they've shown interest, reducing the chances of them losing interest. Download the 12handz app to keep your Inbox always on hand.
  2. Customize your automatic messages - such as your booking reminders messages and sales messages - making them more personalized and in-line with your business.


  1. Ensure your buttons' texts are clear and the links are working.
    • Using short and encouraging text in your buttons is a great practice as well. For example, "Buy Now" and "Book Now."
  2. Locate the more important sections towards the top of your website. 
    • Using attention-grabbing text that makes it clear to your leads that they've arrived at the right website and what you offer within the initially visible portion will also encourage your leads to stay on your site longer.
  3. Keep your website's information up to date and accurate.
  4. Make your content engaging - too much text and people may get bored, just pictures and they wont learn enough about your business, balance is key.
    • Make sure to use high-quality images; giving your website a more polished and professional look.
  5. Add reviews and testimonials; they help give your business a sense of trustworthiness. 

Offer incentives

  1. Use coupons to offer discounts on your products or services. Discounts are a great and effective way to entice your leads to make that final push to becoming customers. They can be added just about anywhere - website, emails, social media posts - and you'll decide how much and how long each coupon is good for.
    • Coupons are also a great way to encourage repeat business. Offer a discount for an upcoming service (when it's almost time to get your hair cut or yard landscaped), as a thank you when a sale is completed, or for leaving you a review. 
  2. Offer free services or products - everyone loves a freebie! 
    • If your business is service-oriented, offer a free consultation allowing them to see if you're the right business without commitment. The "free" will get their attention and your consultation will win you the business. 
    • If your business is product-oriented, free shipping with purchase is always well received. Depending on your business model and product, finding a free offer could entice and engage a larger audience, converting them into customers.