Connect your domain to your 12handz website


You must own a domain in order to connect it. If you don't own one, you can get one from 12handz or purchase one at any domain registrar.

What is a DNS Record?

DNS is simply a database that links meaningful names (known as hostnames), such as, to a specific IP address, such as Simply linking addresses to names is just the beginning, though, because DNS has many more features in addition to host-name-to-address mapping. Read more...

Adding your custom domain

To add your previously purchased custom domain to 12handz, make the following changes on 12handz and your DNS provider.

1. 12handz

  1. Go to DashboardConnect domain
  2. Go to Site editor > Settings > Domains > Connect
  3. Follow the connection steps

2. DNS provider

The following instructions are provided as an example. Replace the parameters specified below to match your own environment.

  1. Log in to your domain registrar; for example, GoDaddy,
  2. Edit your domains DNS records
  3. Edit type CNAME, or create one if not existing, the following way:
    • name/host: www
    • value/point to:
    • TTL: default value
  4. Add, or edit if existing, 3 different type A's the following way:
    • name/host: @
    • value/point to:
    • TTL: default value

    • name/host: @
    • value/point to:
    •  TTL: default value

    •  name/host: @
    • value/point to:
    • TTL: default value
  5. Save the changes
  6. Go back to 12Handz

3. 12Handz

  1. Check I finished setting up my DNS records box
  2. Click Verify and connect
  • All DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to fully update across global networks.
  • All sites will get an automatic SSL Certification.