Assign a task to a Marketing Expert

and what that means

Don't have the time to do your upcoming social posting? Not up to writing a blog post? Assign it to a Marketing Expert and they'll do it for you!

Your personal Marketing Plan on the 12handz platform has tasks each week that will ensure your business's online presence is up to date and keeping up with content.

If you want us to do it for you, a Marketing Expert will complete the task for you for a small fee. 

Assign a task to a Marketing Expert

  1. Click on Let us do it for you on the specific task you'd like to assign
  2. Click Assign to Oliver
  3. Review the task details, add any additional information that can help, and click Assign
  4. Proceed to check out
  5. Finally, you can either book a meeting with your Marketing Expert or wait for one to contact you to review and confirm the details of the task

Some tasks are meeting dependent in order to get the full picture and deliver the best-suited result. This means the task will not be started until after you meeting with the Marketing Expert.