Add engagement tools to your website

The 12handz engagement tools offer an unobtrusive way to give your customers the capability to contact and engage with you at any point on your website. You can choose from reviews widget, contact form, booking scheduler, estimate request, and What's App.

How to add engagement tools

  1. Go to Presence > Engagement tools 
  2. Toggle on the engagers you'd like to appear on your website
  3. Changes are saved automatically



Engagers can be used on 12handz websites and 3rd party websites after they're connected to the 12handz platform

The engagers work with the 12handz platform even if used on a 3rd party website. If you use the booking scheduler, all bookings will appear on your 12handz calendar; estimate requests will arrive in your 12handz Inbox; contact forms will show in your 12handz  Inbox